Where It All Began

One family. A strong work ethic. A vision to become more than just another company in Southeast Missouri.

Lambert Drury started the family plastering business with his sons after the family farm was nearly lost in the Great Depression. This began the road that would take Drury Development Corporation founder Charles Drury and his brothers into the hospitality industry.


Our First Hotel

In 1973, we built our first Drury Inn in Sikeston, MO. This hotel featured a design that was common at the time, with outdoor access to the rooms and a drive-up area for convenient check in.


Spreading Across the US

By 1980, development of new hotels was already working at a steady pace. This Drury Inn, built in Evansville, IN, is a great example of our early hotels with interior corridors.


Letting The Light Shine In

This Drury Inn, built in Collinsville, IL, shows our early work with large, atrium-style windows to allow more natural lighting and opening up the main foyer space.


Rebuilding and Renovating

This photo shows an updated atrium-style Drury Inn & Suites in Evansville, IN.


New Century, New Styles

As we rounded the corner of the new millennium, we continued building innovative hotels. This build in Dayton, OH was a new prototype Drury Inn & Suites.


More Innovation

This is a prototype Drury Plaza hotel, built in Chesterfield, MO, featuring an attached restaurant and large, two-story windows to allow more natural lighting into our rooms.


Rocky Mountain Prototype

Built in Westminster, CO, this Drury Inn & Suites build was one of the first of a new prototype.


Making The Old New Again

In addition to ground-up new builds, we also revisit and revamp our existing hotels. This photo shows a renovation on our Evansville East Drury Inn & Suites. You can see the original in the 1998 photo above.


Looking To The Future

In 2017, we broke ground on our most complex project to date – a 22-story hotel in downtown Nashville, TN. When completed, this build will be our largest hotel with 389 rooms.

So, What's Next?

Drury Development Corporation takes pride in each of these builds, as well as the other 70+ hotels that we have created for Drury Hotels. What is definitely on the horizon is more of these innovative, efficient and beautiful hotels, all across the country.